About us at Norfolk A2Z. The web directory for the county of Norfolk, England, UK.

About us at Norfolk A2Z

  • Partners: Melanie Clarke & Robert Regis
  • c/o Highlands
  • Cromer Road
  • Bodham
  • Norfolk
  • NR25 6QG

Norfolk A2Z started trading in May 2000.

We have spent several years working in the computer environment, in fact we were in at the beginning of the computer age, so to say that we are a mature staff puts it mildly.

Over the years it became apparent to us both that computer 'geeks' like to use lots of jargon in an attempt to equate it to brain surgery in the minds of many individuals.

How many times have you heard...... it's beyond me........ I'll have to speak to an expert......
As with most things in life, if you need an 'expert' then it is going to cost you an arm and a leg to get it.

Thankfully this is not always the case.

After several years, we decided to start our own company that allowed the smaller businesses a chance to get onto the internet at reasonable cost to themselves. We do it in such a way that it is explained in detail, without jargon, we do not baffle with science or computer talk.


About the Norfolk A2Z Web Directory

  • A very simple to use information and advertising web directory.
  • Annual advertising costs start at £27.50 for a direct web site link through to £90.00 for a full A4 page advert which includes: logos, photographs and text detail.
  • You get more with us, we enter your details on several link pages within the site.
  • We try to ensure that your advertisement is found by any visitor looking for your type of business.

The Norfolk A2Z team are:

  • Melanie Clarke - partner in Norfolk A2Z. Her role is designing adverts, looking after the accounts, writing the newsletter and most of the other administration work. Plus keeping the Norfolk A2Z web directory up to date.
  • Bob Regis - partner in Norfolk A2Z. His role is designing web sites, administering domain names and hosting packages, redesign and upkeep of existing web sites, keeping up to date with latest software and technology.

Norfolk A2Z

Partners: Melanie Clarke & Robert Regis
Tel: 07780 530 521 - Fax: 0871 989 8276 - email: Norfolk A2Z