John Wilson Fishing Books.... The Definitive Guide on Where To Fish in Norfolk and Suffolk and John Wilson's World of Fishing.
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John Wilson Fishing Books

The Definitive Guide on Where To Fish in Norfolk and Suffolk.The Definitive Guide on Where To Fish in Norfolk and Suffolk.

ISBN 0 9531851 8 4
By John Wilson
Softback, 208 pages
Size A5 210x148
Where to fish and
amazing colour images
R.R.P £9.95

Top fisherman John Wilson's definitive guide to where to fish in Norfolk and Suffolk has been completely revised and updated is published by Aylsham-based Barnwell's Timescape Publishing Ltd.

For the first time, this well-respected guide will be illustrated throughout with both colour and black and white photographs.

This comprehensive guide covers all types of fishing, from rivers and lakes to coastal fishing and, of course, The Broads. It includes bang up to date details on where to fish, what you are likely to catch at each location, a table of fees and directions of how to find the site.

Both local anglers and visitors to the area would agree that John Wilson's authoritative work is an essential addition to their tackle box!

John Wilson's Guide on Where to Fish in Norfolk and Suffolk is in all good bookstores and tackle shops across East Anglia. Or you can order online by clicking the the 'Order Book' link below.

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John Wilson's World of FishingJohn Wilson's World of Fishing

ISBN 0 9547778-0-8
by John Wilson
Hard Back, 240 pages
Size 250 x 175 mm
Colour and black and white images.
R.R.P £

World of Fishing reflects John Wilson's fishing adventures both at home and abroad, from articles chosen from his columns in The Daly Express and The Sunday Telegraph, 'Anglers Retreat' and 'Gone Fishin', that cover the best part of a decade.

As a full time angling writer, this volume records John's personal 'world of fishing' in which he illustrates that he is just as happy centre pin trotting or upstream nymphing for dace and grayling in a southern chalk stream, or scrambling across rapids in pursuit of a big mahseer in southern India, or heaving into a brute of a white sturgeon in front of TV cameras, along Canada's mighty Fraser River.

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