The Knot Garden Specialist Plant Nursery...... Exotic plant import, topiary, trees and shrubs, landscape garden design, Norfolk, UK.
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The Knot Garden Specialist Plant Nursery, Wood Dalling, Norwich, Norfolk, UK. The Knot Garden Specialist Plant Nursery.

The Knot Garden Nursery based in Norfolk, UK

The Knot Garden Specialist Plant Nursery aims to capture the imagination of everyone who visits this beautifully designed and built setting which in every way shows off superb hand-picked plants to perfection.
Nowhere has a more dedicated approach been taken.  All our plants are treated with loving care and attention, to provide customers with the finest quality.

Attention and service are paramount.

Our areas of expertise are mature quality trees and shrubs, specimen plants, topiary and imported exotica and landscape garden and design.

The Knot Garden Nursery is one of the country's leading specialists and plant nurseries. Our areas of expertise are mature quality trees and shrubs, specimen plants, topiary and imported exotica.

We offer an innovative or traditional landscape garden and design service to all our customers throughout the UK.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs

Imported Exotica

Imported exotica

Knot Garden Plant Nursery stock a host of beautiful established trees, specialist plants and shrubs, amazing tree ferns, palms, bamboos, grass trees and many, many more. New and exciting additions arriving all the time We stock large amounts of imported exotica which delight every visitor. There are dazzling flowers, fascinating foliage, intriguing bamboos, graceful dynamic palms, mysterious tree ferns and sub tropical trees.

Garden Design

Knot Garden can offer advice and planning, we design gardens the traditional way with hand drawn plans and artists sketches which are coloured to indicate the various surfaces, plants and areas which can be presented framed if required. We advise on planting, soils, surfaces, rockeries, waterfalls, arbors, building, greenhouses and anything that is connected with your garden, greenhouse or conservatory.


The examples of topiary delight the eye, which include formal and decorative shapes, created with care in yew and boxwood.

Topiary Rabbit Cannon
Name: Ligustrum (Topiary Table & Chairs)
This piece of topiary would be the focal point of any garden. Ligustrum is fast growing, shade tolerant and not particular to soil type.
Prices start at £1468.75
Name: Lonicera (Rabbit)
Like the butterfly this topiary would make an ideal ornamental piece of topiary.
Prices start at £55.00
Name: Ligustrum (Canon)
This cannon stands 6ft high and 6ft wide (including trough). Another piece of topiary which would make a focal point in any garden.
Prices start at £1157.38
The Knot Garden specialist plant nursery map. Address: Heydon Lane, Wood Dalling, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 6SA

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Office Telephone: 01263 587318

Fax: 01263 587315

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