Radio Code Man...... covering the whole of Norfolk and parts of East Anglia de-coding and repairing in-car audio equipment. Now Fiat Red Key specialists
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Have you lost the code for your car radio?

With 20 years experience in the motor trade, we discovered a niche in the industry and in 1995 established the Radio Code Man. Working daily for the motor trade and general public, we cover the whole of Norfolk and parts of East Anglia de-coding and repairing in-car audio equipment.

We offer a mobile service to our customers or appointments can be made for the work to be completed at our premises.

radio code man. mobile service

All makes of in-car audio units are catered for
De-coding - Re-coding - Exchange Units - Sales - Repairs

Factory Fitted Units
Ford, Vauxhall, Rover etc
radio code man. factory unit

We stock a large range of exchange units for most manufacturers.
We can now de-code Kenwood Mask and Sony Active Panel.

Aftermarket Units
Kenwood, Sony, Blaupunkt etc
radio code man. aftermarket unit

Our Stock changes daily. Please ring for details!
We also have a range of Detachable Fronts!

Our Services include:

Car Radio De-coding

Mobile Service

Installation of Exchange Units


Repair and Sales

Free Estimates

Frequently asked Questions

Q. Why has my radio lost the code?
A. The main reason is a flat or disconnected battery.

Is there a master reset code to unlock my radio?
A. No - for security reasons there are no "master key" codes.

The car dealer has given me a code and it doesn't work?
It's possible the radio in the car is no longer the one originally fitted by the manufacturer. Alternatively the code may have been changed during a previous lost key code situation. The only option available now is to have the radio decoded.

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