Morston village in Norfolk, England, UK

Morston village in Norfolk, England, UK.

morston marshes Morston is set in a very pretty area, superb for the boating enthusiast. It has delightful walks and boats trips from the Quay. Its red-roofed houses and the church are among green fields by a vast stretch of marshland going to the sea. During the spring tides the sea edges ever closer to the village.

There is a lookout and in the top room you can get excellent views in all directions, take your sketchbook or your camera.

The ravages of time and the weather have affected the Church, but local people do not give in and spend time doing the work themselves. There is a Norman lancet in the tower and most of the old work is 14th and 15th century. There remains the bottom half of a medieval oak screen which is worth a visit.

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