Swaffham town in Norfolk, England, UK

Swaffham town in Norfolk, England, UK.

Swaffham is an elegant market town in Norfolk which has a history dating back to the time of the Vikings. To the west of the existing market place is a large rock reputed to have been placed there by the Vikings as a town marker.  The market place has Georgian buildings and a domed rotunda from when Swaffham was a fashionable place in Georgian times.

Market day in Swaffham is on a Saturday and this lovely town becomes a bustling hive of activity.

The town sign, on the edge of the market place depicts the legendary Pedlar of Swaffham who is also commemorated in the Church of St Peter & St Paul.

The town legend is of the "Pedlar Of Swaffham".  Allegedly he went to London and was about to throw himself off London Bridge when a stranger persueded him not to and related a dream in which he saw buried treasure in a distant village. The pedlar reconised the place as his own garden so he went home and dug up two pots of gold. The pedlar is now the towns symbol.

swaffham churchThe Church of St Peter & St Paul, is a large church built of Barnack stone and flint, it has one of the finest double hammerbeam roofs in the county filled with carved angels with open wings looking down.

swaffham pedlarMany people contributed to the cost of building the present curch, including John Chapman, the legendary Pedlar of Swaffham, depicted in carvings within the church.

There are two monuments of note - one to John Botewright, who was chaplin to Henry VI and one to Katherine Steward, Oliver Cromwells grandmother.

To visit the more modern times, the EcoTech centre on the edge of town includes the largest wind turbine in the country, a single unit generating enough electricity to supply half the town.

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