Trimingham village in Norfolk, England, UK

Trimingham village in Norfolk, England, UK

A lovely little seaside village. The cliffs are over 200 feet high, and are being undermined by underground springs which flow from the face of the cliff and cause landslides, the debris from this is soon carried southwards along the coast by the current. It is difficult to get to the beach and it is better to walk via Sidestrand or Mundesley.

For a long time after the end of World War II mines were found on this beach, but it is safe now. Be careful around High tide as you may find yourself cut off. It is a lovely sandy beach and worth the effort.

The parish church is believed to be the only one in England dedicated to the head of St John the Baptist, as legend says Trimingham was said to be the destination of the head of the Baptist brought from the fortress of Machaerus, near Judea where he met his fate. Many pilgrims once made their way to Trimingham and the village hall is still called the Pilgrim Shelter.

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